Buyers, This One’s For You!

Dear Buyer,

The world of real estate can seem like a strange and convoluted place. There’s so much to know: interest rates, mortgage options, fees, locations, inspections. It can all seem really overwhelming. But one of the most overwhelming parts of the home-buying process can be working with a realtor. Yes, realtors are experts in the buying process, but what exactly should you expect? I spent an afternoon with a couple that was buying a home and what they shared with me was shocking. Their experience with a realtor took them on a journey into parts unknown…and not in a good way.

And they are not alone. Before you take the plunge and work with a realtor to buy your home, let’s dive into three very important aspects of home-buying that every buyer should know.

Falling In Love With Your New Home

sweet home

We’ve all been there: you go shopping for something, and you have your heart set on something specific. Whether it’s a food, clothing, cars, or a house, you’ve got an idea of the look and feeling of whatever you’re seeking.

But then one of two things happens: you find exactly what you’re looking for or you come across things that are similar to what you want, but not quite.

This happens a lot with home shopping. Buyers will have an image of the home they want in their mind, yet when they start searching, the results aren’t quite right. The living room is perfect, but the kitchen is too small. The backyard has the greenest grass you’ve ever seen, however the garage is missing. So, what do you do? Do you settle for the house that is almost perfect, or do you keep searching? In the beginning, you may have the stamina to keep looking, but eventually you’ll feel the need to make a decision.

If you find yourself in this situation, first start by understanding that it’s not really what the house looks like, but rather what you’re going to be using the house for that matters most. Once you have that set, it’s time to examine your relationship with your realtor.

Your Realtor Won’t Always Know Best

One thing that sparked my interest during this conversation was how the realtor responded to the buyer’s questions regarding which house was best for them. The realtor, an expert in home-buying and selling, insisted that the buyers follow her advice completely. “We had a plan,” they told me. “Our goal was to buy a house our kids could grow up in that was also next to a great school. But our realtor kept insisting that we focus on a home ‘we would like’ versus listening to our need regarding our children.”

This kind of thing happens all the time: a buyer with a strong idea of what they want and a realtor who wants to do things their way. In these instances, I always tell the buyer to consider the fact that their realtor doesn’t have their best interest at heart. If what you’re asking for is reasonable, and the realtor doesn’t want to listen, it’s time to look for a realtor who gets you.

When to Compromise With Your Realtor


Now, you might be asking yourself, “Is there a difference between standing up for what I want and being unreasonable?” In my opinion, there are times you will want to compromise and times when you should absolutely stand your ground.

Compromising With Your Realtor.
During the buying process, there are a few things that your realtor is going to bring up that are worth compromising on:

  • Home pricing in relation to location. If your realtor says a home price is unrealistic for the area you want to live in, pay attention. Do research to verify this information. And if the realtor is right, agree with them and move on to the next location.
  • Fees and inspections. When it’s time to close on your house, your realtor should work hard to save you money on fees and inspections. But be reasonable. Your realtor may not be able to save you money on everything.
  • Minor imperfections. It’s almost impossible to find everything you want in a non-custom built home. So, don’t stress out about the minor stuff (No ceiling fans in a room, a bathroom being a little to small). You can always make modifications later on.

Work With a Realtor You Can Trust

No matter where you buy your house, you should always work with a realtor who is trustworthy. If you’re in the Missouri City area, we’ll listen and help you find the home that is right for you. Pinkie Promise! Give us a call to learn more about how we can assist you in the home-buying process!.

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