Millennials, Join The One Percent Club!

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news, more and more reports state Millennials are shying away from buying a home. There are many speculations as to why this is happening…the economy, the mindset of Millennials, lack of commitment, etc. But no one has stopped long enough to ask Millennials what exactly they are looking for…that is until now.

Hey, I understand where you’re coming from. The world is changing; there are so many opportunities to choose from. It’s hard to pick just one place to live out of all the places you want to go. And why should you? It’s time to explore your options and set up the future you always wanted. In this article, I’d like to invite you to open your mind to all your possibilities in real estate so you can join The One Percent Club!

What Exactly Is The One Percent Club?

For first-time homebuyers, mortgage companies are offering programs that allow people to buy homes with as little as 1% down! This is huge! Instead of having to save up lots and lots of money, you can literally by a home with a couple thousand dollars. For example, a mortgage that is $250,000 will only cost you $2500 down.

That’s it.

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Putting a small down payment into your home is better than putting no money down. Even if it’s only a tiny down payment compared to your overall mortgage, that money will make a difference when it comes time to close. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Buying A Home Is An Investment…But You Already Knew That

The One Percent Club gets you some serious assets under your belt. As a homeowner, you get better tax rates when it comes time to file. And your credit score will thank you, too. Not to mention the independence a home brings. Think about it…owning a home doesn’t mean you’re “stuck with it.” Buying a home simply means you’re making an investment into property and the real estate sitting on that property.

So, what do you do if you wanna move? You get to decide. Buying your house means you’ll always have a place to call home. In the meantime, you can travel, live in other places and explore while renting out your space. And when you’re ready to come home, your house will be waiting for you. It’s like killing two birds with one stone: you get to explore and build up an asset that will help you establish stability in your life.

You’ve Already Got The Right Team!

If you’ve been thinking about joining The One Percent Club, you probably know you can’t do it alone. And you shouldn’t. At Codemark Financial, we’re committed to partnering with you in every aspect of your real estate life. No matter what your dream is, we’re here to steer you in the right direction and simplify a complex buying market.

As your life changes, we will change with you.

Check out our videos and join us live every Friday to learn more about our company and how we serve people just like you!

So, Are You Ready To Join The One Percent Club?

I’m sure this article has sparked your interest. Yet, there is still so much more we can learn.

Owning a home is just within your reach…all you have to do is have the right program, the right team, and an open mind.

Please give us a call at (832) 677-7678 or contact us online and let’s chat more about getting you into The One Percent Club!

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