True Story About Buying Real Estate

You know, I heard the most interesting story the other day…I was listening to someone share about the conversation she had with her realtor about buying a house.

It started out like most home-buying experiences do; her realtor had picked out the most amazing house. It had everything: the right amount of rooms, correct floorplan, spacious backyard, and so much more. And when the realtor told her how much the house cost, she knew the house was meant to be hers.

But that wasn’t the case.

The potential buyer said, “My realtor was so excited about selling me the house, but I knew it wasn’t meant for me. She wanted so bad for me to buy it, but she failed to realized one thing…the move wasn’t about me, it was about my kids.”

That was powerful. As we talked more, I learned some incredible things:

Your Buyers Won’t Always Love the Houses You Do…

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The buyer told me stories about how much she appreciated her realtor, but she felt like the realtor wasn’t getting it. She was so focused on the price and the amenities of the house, she forgot how important the buyer’s opinion was. In this case, the buyer was willing to settle for a house she didn’t like if it meant her kids were able to attend a really good school.

Her dream was simple: get them into a great schooling system then retire and buy the home of her dreams. In this case, the realtor should have listened better.

Buyers Fact Check Everything!

The person telling me her real estate story said the most amazing thing…”When I was working with my realtor on finding the right house, I ended up finding the home of my dreams online.” Since the realtor was so excited about certain houses, the potential buyer decided to do some research of her own. As she did this, she ended up bypassing all the realtors advice. Her main motivation: if the house seemed too good to be true, she went online to see for herself.


This spoke volumes to me…a buyer taking the home search process directly into her own hands. If this happens to you, make sure you know more than the buyer does.

Buyers Will Set Their Own Terms…


I learned so much from this young lady and her experience. But the thing that touched me the most was this… “I know what I want, and I’m willing to work for it. No matter how long it takes, I’m willing to do what I have to do to get what I want.” I admired her tenacity, mainly because she represented a majority of buyers I enjoy working with. Buyers today are educated, curious, and uneasy about being “sold” on things. They want to have a say in the buying process, and believe they have a pretty good idea about what they want.

And that makes a difference. As a realtor, your job isn’t just to drive around and “show houses.” Instead, you are there to guide buyers and sellers in the right direction. Now, the right direction is not this house or that mortgage. It goes far beyond that. Your job is to empower these people by listening to what they want, while reminding them to stay on track. No matter what happens, they should come to you and trust what you are telling them.

In Order to Be The Best,
You Have to Work With the Best!

One thing buyers look for is support. So, if they need support, you’ll definitely need support. At Codemark Financial, we focus on empowering our realtors through no fees and quick closing. Give us a call to learn more about how we can support you and your buyer.

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