Lunch with Mark at Atomic CrossFit #YourSuperStar

CodeMark TV Episode 50

If you saw our episode last week, you should know that Lunch with Mark is going to be a little different from here on out. We’re now focusing on The Warrior’s Way’s Core Four Principles: Body, Being, Balance, Business. For the moment, we’re diving into out first “B”…Body. And what better place to start than at Atomic CrossFit!

Today we’re meeting with George Culver. This location is the second oldest gym in Houston. Garrison Scott opened the gym in 2008 and handed over the reigns of owner to George not too long ago. Atomic CrossFit follows the same standards as the original process of using body weight and barbells to push athletes to their full potential.

Several competitive athletes train in this location, with a few of them participating in The CrossFit Games and regional competitions! But don’t worry…when you set foot into the gym, you will be surrounded by people who promote longevity in weight training. The goal is to get you where you want to go in a matter of days, weeks, or months, depending on the results you seek.

Atomic CrossFit also has a teen’s program that serves 13-16 year olds that emphases the mechanics and movements of lifting. Atomic 10 General Physical Preparedness (Or GPP) is taught to the group as a fundamental of proper weight lifting. After their training, which lasts for about a month, a selection of the kids are chosen for the GPP traveling baseball team.

If you’ve ever watched CrossFit on TV, you’re probably a little intimidated to try it out. Keep in mind, there are two different types: Competitive CrossFit, which is what you see on TV, and General CrossFit, which is what we do at the gym. If you look across the room, you’ll see a variety of people from different ages and with body types. The coaching staff will prescribe you a set workout for your specific objectives and help you achieve success. Within no time, you’ll be a part of a community filled with people who are just like you. So, check out to see a full list of events and other ways you can join the gym!

Well, that wraps up our latest episode of Lunch with Mark. This one was brutal, but I figure if you’re not working out hard, you’re just playing around. Check us out next week for our episode around Being which will be hosted by my lovely wife, Sarah.

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