Lunch With Mark ~ Best Buy Distribution Center Missouri City #YourSuperStar

CodeMark TV Episode 56

What’s going on with commercial development in Missouri City? Today we’re at the corner of Highway 90 and Sam Houston Tollway to take a look at the new Best Buy Distribution Center.

Why is commercial development good for Missouri City?

This may not sound all that exciting to Missouri City residents, but it’s good news.

Missouri City was originally designed as a “bedroom community.” The master plan was about residential, and most of the space has been used up to build neighborhoods.

What’s left is being positioned for “big box” commercial, and with Best Buy moving it other large commercial tenants will see Missouri City as an option for them.

Big companies keep taxes down because the companies pick up their portion. They’re also bringing in jobs which brings in revenue for local business, increases home sales and a increases home values. All great things for our community.

Stay tuned for future episodes as we continue to focus on further development in Missouri City and Fort Bend County.

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