Lunch with Mark – Find Your “Balance” To Find Your Purpose #YourSuperStar

CodeMark TV Episode 52

Welcome back to Lunch with Mark! If you’ve seen the last 2 episodes, you know all about working on your Body and Being. Well, today we’re going to talk about something incredible: Balance! You can not have an optimal life without balance.

Balance is Family

So what is balance? Well, it is the key to life. Where exactly do we find it? With our family. Balance is where we find our purpose. No matter what program you get into, no matter how things are in your business, things won’t fit together unless you have peace at home.

We take for granted how important it is to spend time with our loved ones. And I mean real, quality time. This applies to your spouse, but most importantly, your kids. Kids are always paying attention to adults. Our gestures, emotions, and body language are all easily picked up on by our children, even if we think they are not watching. So, if you think you’re spending time with them, and you actually aren’t, they will know.

We spend so much time absorbing information, but yet it’s the information that we forgot. We only remember the memories, the things that mattered to us. So, the true quality time that you spend with your kids is what they will remember. Don’t be fooled…there are tons of stores and advertisers out there who will tell you to buy the latest and greatest gadgets for your kids. But it’s really not about that. All they care about is being connected with you and spending time together.

The most amazing thing about kids is how simple they are to please. Unlike adults, kids don’t need us to buy their love. Remember this equation: Love + Fun = Connection.

Now go find your balance. If you find your balance, you’ll find your purpose and once you find your purpose, you’ll be alright.

Until next time, this is Mark signing out for some quality time!

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