Lunch with Mark at the Park in Quail Valley #YourSuperStar

CodeMark TV Episode 51

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Being, Getting Back to Nature

Last time on Lunch with Mark, we were talking about Core 4: Body, Being, Balance, Business. Through The Warrior’s Way, I’ve been learning how to add value to my life by paying close attention to these four crucial parts. Last time, we focused on our Bodies with help from Atomic CrossFit. Today, we’re heading to a park to talk about being.

What exactly is Being? Some people call it “God” and others call it a voice. Whether you believe it or not, there is a voice that is always present with us no matter where we go. It also lives in our hearts. Over time, we can become disconnected from this voice. We lose touch with our being because we are so connected to the world through technology.

Sometimes stepping outside and into nature can help you clear your head. Today, I’m taking a walk through a park in my neighborhood, Quail Valley. But it doesn’t stop there. The park in Quail Valley is big on bringing our community together, which is also what Being is about. Stepping outside, being in nature, can help you get back to your Being. Here in Quail Valley, we’ve enhanced our park by planting lots of trees and donating benches.

Get outside of your normal elements and jump into basic elements all around you. Disconnect and get connected to yourself.

As mentioned before, our park in Quail Valley has benches that were donated by our residents. One of those residents was me. This bench represents our daughter, Liv Harper MacInerney. We lost our daughter in October 2012 and now she will be here to watch over all the children as they play.

Think about where you can apply your being…you never know who’s life you might change.

Until next time, stay disconnected!

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