Lunch with Mark at Cru Design #YourSuperStar

CodeMark TV Episode 43

Allyson Huth, Owner, started Cru Home in 2011 and Cru Design in 2017. She got the inspiration from her grandfather who built spec homes and her grandmother who was in charge of outfitting the homes. But even though Cru Home and Cru Design has family roots, Allyson is not working alone…

Melissa Wardlaw, Lead Designer/Co-Owner, has a degree in art history and interior design. She came out to Sugarland and worked for a few years before joining the Cru Home team 5 years ago. And when Cru Design came into play, Melissa joined Allyson as an owner of the design studio.

Kim Harubin, Designer, started her career as an art teacher. She met Allyson one day while their children were socializing. At the time, Kim was thinking about going back to school to study interior design. That’s when Allyson said, “Don’t do that! Come work for me!”

Forever Change the Inside

Together, Allyson, Melissa, and Kim are bringing charm and style to Missouri City. When you enter their shop, you won’t feel uncomfortable or like you don’t belong. Instead, you’ll walk into the place that will forever change the inside of your home for life.

Allyson and her team strives to be someone her customers can always come to for every single design project they will have. As they change homes, and their children buy a home, Allyson wants her customers to invite Cru Design over to create the perfect space for them.

So what do you get when you design with Cru? Everything your home could need! Cru Designs will come into your home and design based on your style and your everyday needs. And with the holidays coming up, Cru Design will help you bring in a holiday cheer that will impress your neighbors and warm your heart.

So, come stop by Cru Design and meet the team that will turn your home into a special place for you!

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