The Pieces of Buying A Home #YourSuperStar

CodeMark TV Episode 30

Today we were in my buddy Danny Barkis’ restaurant Capone’s Pizza Oven and Bar. As you can see, this restaurant is not open yet. I thought that this would be a great metaphor for an episode, and that metaphor would be you.


Great things come together in pieces

Perhaps you’re looking to buy a house, and one of the pieces that you need are good credit. Maybe it’s taking time right now to establish that credit. That takes time, that’s not something you can rush. You can do that by building new credit, with new accounts. You can be work on old credit—trying to get those deleted from your credit profile. Or, maybe you need money for a down payment.

I make the comparison to everything that my buddy Danny is doing.  He’s got contractors; he’s got permits; he’s got all of these things that he’s got to work on to make this a functioning restaurant. Well guess what, when all of those pieces come together, this place is going to be poppin. Just like when all of your pieces come together for you on home ownership.

Codemark Financial can help you put all of this together. Pay attention and stay tuned to future Codemark TV episodes.

Until then, I’m Mark MacInerney President and CEO of Codemark Financial. Catch me Live, Lunch with Mark, noon, sharp, every Friday. And, you can catch me on YouTube anytime you want on Codemark TV ~ #YourSuperStar.

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