It all started with No Fee Mortgages…

Purchasing a home is a huge financial investment.

At Codemark Financial, we start the home-buying process right with no fee mortgages.

That’s right, no fees!

No fees on your loan application paperwork, credit reports, or anything else the “other guys” come up with. We believe that integrity in lending starts with helping our clients get into the right loan program with the best rates. With zero fees, you’ll be on your way to owning a new home in no time!

Loan Programs that were designed with you in mind!

We offer a variety of loan options. Here is a brief description of a few loans we provide:


Conventional mortgage loans


FHA loans


VA loans

Not sure which loan is best for you?

Depending on your situation and financial history, you may qualify for one of these types of loans without realizing it. The best way to know for sure is to fill out our pre-qualification form (start here).

M-Power U to Finance

Knowledge that Empowers You

Here are a few reasons to get pre-qualified:

1) Save time

When you input your information into the form, one of our mortgage specialists will see what you qualify for. From there, your agent will work with you to help you get into the loan. After you get approved, you’ll know exactly what types of homes you can hunt for while on your search.

2) Save money

Pre-qualification takes the guesswork out of the financing process. Once we get you prequalified, you’ll start saving money on the rest of the loan application process. Why not save money right from the start?

3) A full service experience

At Codemark, we help you find the home of your dreams and get you the best interest rate possible for your mortgage. Our goal is to make sure you are at ease the moment you walk through the door. If you take the time to pre-qualify now, we’ll get everything ready for you.

4) You’ll have more options.

Pre-qualification means you go into the home-buying experience with a game plan. This is important. As you look at homes, you’ll be able to know what you can afford. This creates a powerful bargaining tool when it comes time to negotiate.

Pre-qualification is easy.

Click on the “Pre-Qualify Now” button to start the application

Once you press submit, one of our mortgage specialists will begin reviewing your information.